5 Attractive Features to Develop an App from Appilogix

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Appilogix is a creative app development company having expertise in Android, iOS, Games, Videos, and Innovative solutions. Appilogix is a platform where your business needs will be catered with care by our app development solutions. Appilogix makes user-friendly web applications, responsive mobile apps, creative animated video projects, and interactive games.

Appilogix offers following attractive features to its clientele for an app development:

1)      Source Code Delivery

Appilogix always delivers the project source code to the client once the project is successfully deployed after development. Appilogix also gives its client the freedom to modify the source code as per their needs or can assign us to modify certain features in their source code.

Appilogix source code is absolutely based on efficient coding practices and logic. The source code’s integrity is maintained by Appilogix project management team. Appilogix always keeps the client source code confidential and give access to authorized personnel only.

2)      Marketing & Promotion

Appilogix also has a dedicated marketing team to promote its clientele projects. Appilogix generates end-to-end social networking sharing plans to promote our clientele brands across multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Marketing & Promotion is an important factor in any app or project success. Appilogix marketing tactics and promotional ideas give its apps a great boost and an advance edge in download on App Store and Google Play Store.

3)      One Year Free Maintenance

Appilogix gives one year FREE apps maintenance service. This service helps Appilogix to build trust among its clientele for a long-term business relationship. The app maintenance includes free modification of source code, app performance evaluation, and responsiveness of application’s UX/UI.

The app maintenance service by Appilogix mostly covers the benefits of updating and maintaining the clientele apps with latest trends and technology. It’s a crucial practice that every smartphone app ever released is required to be maintained and updated because of periodic changes in hardware and software.

4)      Lifetime Bug-Free Warranty

Appilogix also offers one of the exclusive features in app development which is LIFETIME BUG-FREE WARRANTY for the apps and other projects. Appilogix quality assurance team makes sure its clientele projects and apps run in real-time functionality with a responsive interface.

Appilogix always launches apps with mostly bugs-free assessment and typically test the apps for quality assurance before publishing it to the public. Appilogix gives the bug-free warranty so the clients will remain satisfied that their investment is not wasted on the apps and projects.

5)      App Approval Guarantee

Appilogix is proud to say that its application development and deployment are guaranteed to approve at any online store whether its Google Play Store or App Store or Windows Store. Appilogix released apps and projects are completely based on quality standards and are officially approved.

Appilogix published apps are 100% guaranteed for app approval and thus Appilogix clientele can be assured that Appilogix is the most compatible and reliable app development company to invest in for APPROVED apps development, games designing, video animation, and so on.

So what are you waiting for? Discuss your project and hire Appilogix today.

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