5 Delightful Features Of Android Oreo 8.0 That Will Interest Android App Developers

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While this latest Android Oreo comes as the official update to your smartphone and you get a chance to get busy with it, let’s take an in-depth insight of its breathtaking features from the development perspective.

Android being one of the most famous mobile OS is a real game changer for Android app developers with its latest Oreo 8.0 update.

Here we’ll enlist some of the new features Android Oreo has to offer for app developers:

  1. Real-Time Performance

Android Oreo is optimized to offer two times more performance and real-time interaction for APK development.

Android app developers will now experience faster runtime interface for app development.

  1. Better Imaging App Capability

Android mobile apps can now exhibit broader imaging and can support more dynamic and high-resolution graphics on the phone display.

From now on, Android apps can be optimized for better imaging capability for the app users. Due to this, the high resolution supported smartphones and tablets can now take complete advantage of optimized imaging on their devices.

  1. Fonts & Emojis Are Now Downloadable

Emojis & Fonts in Android devices are now downloadable and the phone user no longer needs to install them in APK packages. Android Oreo update will now allow fonts and emojis to be shared among apps after recognizing the supported emojis library and authenticating font provider behind the scene.

Therefore, this will make Android app developers job piece of cake for them to build more fonts and emojis of their own apart from default or built-in fonts and emojis that come along in 8.0 update.

  1. Flexible App Icons

Android app icons are more flexible than before because Google has finally presented dual-layer icons pack standard in Android SDK so developers can easily resort stability while utilizing minimal memory resource by using modest simulations.

This app icons adaptability will now enable app developers to use standard app icon shapes pack. Subsequently, this creative modification in Android Oreo will provide a more synched presence of app icons.

  1. Android’s WebView API

Android has also included numerous interactive APIs to supervise the WebView substances which are used to display content of internet on your web browser app.

Such APIs will not only improve your apps steadiness but will also strengthen their security.

Isn’t it just simply awesome? Android sure has always brought something new in its annual streamline of Android OS and the latest and sweetest Oreo update treat for Android owners is amazingly jaw-dropping.


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