Google Has Unveiled Its Newest Android Treat – Oreo 8.0

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Google unveiled its latest Android treat, the sweetest Android version 8.0 under the nick of Oreo.

Your favorite cookie is now an Android version too.


On 21st August 2017, coincidentally the same day as SOLAR ECLIPSE, Google officially revealed its latest Android Version 8.0 after almost 5-6 months-long beta testing. Up until now, it is taking off just to the individuals who have a LATEST Pixel Series or Nexus Series based Android smartphone. Be that as it may, it is probably going to hit numerous more Android smartphones before the end of 2017, hopefully.


Android Oreo has incorporated the most-anticipated Picture-in-Picture mode and numerous different features to give appealing experience for Android fans.

Following are some of the interesting features which are introduced in Android 8.0 version:

Smart Autofill & Content Selection Options

Android Oreo has propelled machine learning calculations which can without much of a stretch perceive which part of the content is address, contact, email, etc. With this perspective, the new Android Oreo can offer better proposals which infer better outcomes with minor efforts and securely. Android has made filling information and conquering the circumstances of overlooking passwords substantially easier with this intriguing feature.

The Google Play Protect feature will consistently examine your Android devices and also Play Store to evacuate the suspicious and misbehaving apps, and hence give you genuine feelings of serenity. Google has at long last discovered an extraordinary apparatus to shatter the security issues identified with the Google Play Store.


Notifications Dots System

Android Oreo presents bolster for showing bright notification dots on the phone apps. The notification interface and functionality are overhauled to give a viable and powerful approach to oversee notice conduct and also phone settings. These notification dots will mean the nearness of a notice not yet reached by the phone user.

You can also tap-hold on a notification dot to get an instant preview of the notification without even bothering to open that particular mobile app.

Magnificent, isn’t it?


Improved Speed along with Power-Efficient Battery

The Android has put a cutoff on the application’s power consuming habit out of user sight. This infers that the Android apps won’t have the capacity to deplete your smartphone’s battery any longer. The new Android Oreo update has rolled out great improvements in the background also. Additionally, the recurrence of location notifications is let down in the new Android Oreo which again averts battery power consumption.

Aside from this, the boot speed of Android Oreo is expanded to twofold, which implies you won’t only encounter speedier performance yet the apps’ functionalities too. Other than this, Android Oreo offers to Find My Device feature to permit users the ability to bolt or delete out data from their smartphone if their device went missing. Other than this, new emoticons and text styles are introduced in Android Oreo update. This is a major thing for the idealistic smartphone users who utilize emoticons as their essential dialect to converse.


Picture-in-Picture Mode

The picture-in-picture mode will allow the Android users to utilize two mobile apps at the same time so a user can do multitasking w/o interruptions in new Android Oreo. Thus, Android Oreo is prepared to give you consistent multi-tasking capability. Moreover, this implies that you can send text messages while watching a YouTube video at the same time and so on. These tasks won’t be interrupted and you won’t require sticking to a particular app to interact with it if you’re a keen multi-tasker.

Instant App Feature

Android Oreo introduces Instant App feature which allows the users the capacity to attempt diverse Android apps without coming up short on phone memory. Also, best of all, they can utilize this feature from any web URL shared via social media platforms, or messenger apps. The user can feel the noteworthy changes in Android apps with material design and consistent activities without adding them on their phones.

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