Thinking of How to Choose the Right Engagement Model For Mobile App Development?

In the late 1990’s, the outsourcing model had to fight for acceptance.Since past two decades, the IT outsourcing industry has grown tremendously, in outsourcing their IT functions. So what’s the reason behind this staggering growth?

It’s simple, outsourcing promises to provide tons of benefits from accelerating time to market, to cost cut down; the list of benefits is endless.

When we talk about outsourcing mobile app development, there’s no difference. A variety of product can be deployed in minimal time, having zero investments and cutting down cost infrastructure. Moreover, the selection of the right engagement model is the biggest challenge.

Here are some models, from where you can choose the appropriate one:

Cost Model needs to be fixed:

The objectives of the mobile app development must be clearly defined and accordingly, the price should be fixed.


  • Having Low-risk option.
  • Pre-negotiated facilities.
  • Timely delivery should be ensured.
  • Workflow is structured.


  • Flexibility is limited.
  • Limited communication.
  • Changes may require more cost.

Material and Time:

The pricing of the model shall depend on the execution time and the resources utilized. So, what you get will be the only proportion.


  • Opened communication.
  • Complete flexibility.
  • Reports can be accessed completely.
  • Tasks will be prioritized as per needs.
  • The scope can be altered anytime.


The price shall not be predefined. Fluctuation might depend on the invested time.

Dedicated Hiring Model:

Selecting the external dedicated team of developers to work exclusively is the only key to success for outsourcing.


  • Low cost of development.
  • Control over complete development.
  • Hiring and control are taken care of the service providers.
  • Tasks flexibility.


  • The project requires experience of managerial.
  • It might be a hassle to communicate with the remote team.

What can be best for you?

For business-specific the right identification and selection of the right management are highly required:

  • A fixed budget shall suit your project if you’re clear about your project specifications.
  • Those who are looking for continuous app development and improvement the time and material model is perfect for them.
  • Hiring a dedicated team is most suited for those who are short on budget and won’t be able to make a hefty investment.

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