When we talk about game development, the first thing will come to our mind is the visual effects, animations, game characters, and motion graphics used in the game. Games are developed on a gaming engine or in simple words, game development software. There are numerous game development platforms available for which some are open-source and free to use while some are available on paid membership.

In today’s article, we’ll explain why Unity is the best platform for game development. It is essential that you must have a basic understanding of computer games and components for game development in Unity.

Do you want to develop games like the pros? Then you need to use the tools the professionals use. What could you do with a tool that allows you to develop a single 3D game and export it to iOS, Android, Web, PC, Mac, Facebook and multiple other environments?

Could you develop the next viral sensation– the game that everyone just has to play!

With knowledge of the Unity3D game engine and your creativity, anything is possible.

Nicholas of Unity Engine team is not only a professor but a game developer who worked on some of Electronic Arts’ biggest sports games titles. You can learn step by step through the Unity environment about each tool, you’ll learn how to integrate outside assets, sound, animation, game physics and much more. You’ll be able to play the games you create immediately right in the web browser.

Stop talking about the games you want to create and start creating them with Nicholas Bernhardt Zeman’s Game Programming course with Unity.

Some important feature which you can learn in Unity:

  • Understand the Unity Interface
  • Create Scenes
  • Create Unity Game Objects
  • Work with Menus and Views
  • Run Games Created in Unity
  • Manage Unity Assets
  • Import New Assets into Unity
  • Update Unity Assets
  • Convert Unity Assets into Game Objects
  • Understand Prefabs
  • Understand Basics of Scripting with C# for Unity
  • Use a Script as a Component
  • Understand Unity Variable Types and Attributes
  • Work with the Unity Console
  • Use the Input Manager
  • Work with Buttons in Your Interface
  • Use Scripting as an Input
  • Apply Physics to your Game
  • Work with Collision Layering
  • Work with OnTriggerEnter, Stay and Leave
  • Work with OnCollisionEnter, Stay and Leave
  • Script Arrays in Unity
  • Work with Lists in Unity
  • Use C# Code to Iterate Through Objects
  • Understand Linq
  • GameObjectFind() and GameObject.FindObjectsOfType()
  • Work with Multiple Audio Sources
  • Script Your Audio Calls
  • Use Dynamic Lighting in Your Games
  • Work with Physical Materials
  • Work with Transparent Materials
  • Textures and asset Settings
  • Work with Game Animation
  • Put Rigs into Your Games
  • Work with Mecanim for Animation
  • Create Game Transitions
  • Script Animation Triggers with C#
  • Understand Build Settings for your Game
  • Work with Game Quality Settings
  • Understand Game Export Options

Following will be your target audience for game development in Unity

  • New Game Developers
  • Educational Game Developers
  • Teachers Wanting to Use Unity in Class
  • Publishers who Want to Publish Games on Multiple Platforms
  • Anybody with a Great Idea for a Game


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